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Version: 1.4.0


Yunikorn website adopting Docusaurus manages documentations. Docusaurus i18n system allows developer to translate documentations. For adding a new language translation, developers should do following operations.

Modifying the docusaurus.config.js for supporting the new language

Assume the translations by a new language keyword. Expected results will be like this figure. translation results

Current Yunikorn website include the en and zh-cn documentaions. If developer want to add a new translation with new language keyword including fr, jp, the developers need to modify the i18n in docusaurus.config.js.

i18n: {
defaultLocale: 'en',
locales: ['en', 'zh-cn', '<new language keyword>'],
localeConfigs: {
en: {
label: 'English',
"zh-cn": {
label: '中文',
"<new language keyword>": {
label: 'test',

Updating the help information in

Adding the new language keyword to the locale list in print_usage function.

Usage: $(basename "$0") run [locale] | build | clean | help
run build the website, and launch the server in a docker image.
a locale can be specified, currently supported: "en", "zh-cn", "<new language keyword>"

Copying latest files to i18n

mkdir -p i18n/<new language keyword>/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current
cp -r docs/** i18n/<new language keyword>/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current
mkdir -p i18n/<new language keyword>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages
cp -r src/pages/** i18n/<new language keyword>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages
mkdir -p i18n/<new language keyword>/docusaurus-theme-classic

Adding the translated information in sidebar.json and footer.json

Create sidebar.json and and footer.json in docusaurus-theme-classic. For example, the footer.json context is following.

"link.item.label.Get Involved": {
"message": "参与"
"link.title.Code Repositories": {
"message": "代码库"
"link.item.label.People": {
"message": "人们"
"link.title.Blog": {
"message": "博客"
"link.title.Community": {
"message": "社区"

linking img, assest and styles.module.css

Creating linking files in the i18n/new language keyword/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages.

# cleaning the duplicate files
rm -rf img
rm styles.module.css
# linking
ln -s ../../../static/img
ln -s ../../../src/pages/styles.module.css

Creating the linking file in the 'i18n/new language keyword/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current'.

# cleaning the duplicate files
rm -rf assests
# linking
ln -s ../../../../docs/assets

Adopting relative paths

There are some image urls adopting absolute path in src/pages/index.js and adopting absolute path could cause png missing. Developers could make sure that the img link in /i18n/new language keyword/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages/index.js is work. For example, there is a resource-scheduling.png in index.js and the png url is /img/resource-scheduling.png.

/img/resource-scheduling.png -> ./img/resource-scheduling.png


./ run <new language keyword>

Building website