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Future development: long term goals

  • Application and task priority support
  • Preemption of allocations
  • User and group quota and limit enforcement
  • Offer an alternative mode of deployment as plugins to the default scheduler, in addition to the current standalone mode

Next Release Development

Release Details:

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Target release date: March 2022
  • Release manager: Wilfred Spiegelenburg
  • Development status: Issue tracker

Planned major features:

Supported Kubernetes versions and the Kubernetes dependency will be defined and finalised during the development cycle.

Past Releases

VersionRelease DateRelease ManagerRelease Note
0.12.12021-12-26Chaoran Yu0.12.1-release-notes
0.11.02021-08-18Kinga Marton0.11.0-release-notes
0.10.02021-04-09Tao Yang0.10.0-release-notes
0.9.02020-08-28Wilfred Spiegelenburg0.9.0-release-notes
0.8.02020-05-04Weiwei Yang0.8.0-release-notes