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Apache YuniKorn (Incubating) community is quite diverse, we have engineers from Alibaba, Apple, Cloudera, Linkedin, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tencent, Uber, etc. (sorted by alphabetical order). The community deeply believes in the importance of this diversity and the value of "The Apache Way". We welcome any form of contributions, code, documentation or suggestions! πŸ˜ƒ Don't wait, join us now!

How to join YuniKorn Community​

Please join us through one of the following channels:

Contribute through github​

Communication Channels​

Community Meetings​

Target Audiences:​

  • Developers who are interested to contribute to YuniKorn project.
  • Users who are using or interested to learn about the project.


πŸ“† Bi-weekly 9:30 AM US Pacific Time on Wednesdays. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.


Become a Committer​

Committers are the community members who have the write access to the project's repositories, i.e they can modify the code by themselves and accept others contributions to all YuniKorn repos. There is no strict rules about the qualification of a candidate. The PPMC votes for a candidate based on various considerations:

  • Code contributions

    • Consistent code contributions
    • Optimize the CI/CD pipeline
    • Help with the code reviews
    • Test and verify release candidates
    • Performance tuning and related tools development
    • Propose improvement proposals
  • Non-code contributions

    • Involvement in the community activities, such as meetings, meetups, etc.
    • Provide feedback, report issues, and participate in roadmap discussions
    • Help on project releases
    • Improve project documentation
    • Help the project adoption
    • Integrate with other projects, extend the use cases

Contributor or non-contributor can both make their paths to committer, the community deeply appreciates both code or non-code contributions.

Become a PPMC member​

PPMC stands for the Podling Project Management Committee. It is responsible for project management, governance and ensures the project can be operated under the Apache Way. The committee makes decisions based on the PPMC members' votes. A PPMC member has the authority to cast a binding vote on various things, such as project releases, adding new committer or PPMC member, etc.

A contributor must become a committer first before becoming a PPMC member. There is no strict rules of when a committer will be qualified for being added to PPMC. The management committee makes a decision based on the involvement and impact of each committer. In general, a committer who makes consistent code or non-code contributions to the project should be considered as a PPMC candidate.

How to share feedback to YuniKorn Community​

We welcome you to try our latest releases and share your experiences.

Any point, if you are facing any issues:

  • Raise an issue or a feedback in the JIRA as per our guide.
  • Clarify / Seek help in the YuniKorn slack #yunikorn-user channel

Other feedback mechanisms​

  • If you think, we can add more inputs to this document or additional documentation links for developers including setup etc, please raise issue under YuniKorn Documentation. Refer our guide.
  • Any other support please request at YuniKorn slack #general channel